HANSAN is packed with project

HANSAN is packed with project


The HANSAN platform aims to provide a virtual asset-based payment platform that can be applied in real life by overcoming the limitations of the existing virtual asset payment solution system in the face of various attempts to simplify the payment process and reduce fees using blockchain technology. Furthermore, by expanding the business area, we are trying to capture convenience and applicability in the business model together through various fields such as refueling, distribution, healthcare, and leisure, and various ecosystem implementations.

We are developing and researching scalability that can increase the value of the platform exponentially by creating a diverse ecosystem where many participants can easily use the HANSAN platform in their daily lives, and in the future, the HANSAN platform is dreaming of a new leap as a platform company by actively utilizing the strengths that can be easily accessed by many people in various fields.


Multi Block-Chain

Deploy Multichain instead of single blockchain for multiple connection for specific

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

An integrated technology combining cloud services with virtualized infrastructures

Front Grid Backend Multi Flexing

Ensure stability, accurate processing and security enhancement of the platform

Atomic Exchange

Multi blockchain allows transaction executed through exchanges within the blockchain

Multi Swap

An inter-chain technology able to exchange data with other blockchain networks

Half-Private Block-Chain

For personal asset protection, system operation, transaction speed and system advancement

HANSAN Platform Structure

The HANSAN platform

The HANSAN platform can benefit all affiliates by providing a low payment fee rate of 0% for all commerce transactions where HANSAN is applied to actual use. Through this, more affiliate networks can be expanded both online and offline, which will soon benefit all ecosystems of the HANSAN platform.

In order to pay for HANSAN at the expanded affiliate, you must first purchase HANSAN. In addition, investors who expect that the number of users who use the HANSAN platform will naturally increase as the number of affiliates increases on favorable conditions will also have a factor to purchase HANSAN for investment purposes, which may lead to an increase in the value of HANSAN. When the HANSAN ecosystem is activated, the affiliates tied to HANSANAlliance will accumulate big data, which will be used to expand users through various marketing and compensation policies.

HANSAN Features

The HANSAN features

We will build a platform to purchase various products such as gas, distribution, and leisure with HANSAN, provide benefits to affiliates who enter the platform, and provide exceptional discounts and rewards to users who pay with HANSAN. It aims to build a high-quality platform by enhancing the convenience and convenience of users and transparency in management using blockchain technology, and providing customer infrastructure to affiliates in the store to provide a payment environment without an intermediary.



Through diversified expansion through the HANSAN platform,

we will strive to further increase the value of HANSAN and become a real currency throughout Nha Trang by implementing a new platform.

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